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Public Relations Agency of Record: 2006 - 2010


“During my career, I had the opportunity to work with many agencies ranging from boutique to mega. In working with DFPR, they were more than an agency. They were my partners and an extension of my team.


Their dedication, commitment and drive for results were by far the best T.G.I. Friday’s had ever experienced. They were spot-on in developing the overall PR plan and supporting tactics. In particular, their ability to capitalize on the PR-ability of current events was tremendous and resulted in significant press opportunities and ultimately increased traffic for our brand.


Their work on the World Bartender Championship was remarkable. They took an event that had been downplayed for years and turned it into a multimedia event that spanned several months and generated astonishing press for the brand and its participants.


Overall, the results that DFPR achieved were undeniably the best in the industry. For the four years in which DFPR was our agency, T.G.I. Friday’s lead the casual dining industry in volume of news coverage and quality of news coverage.


In addition, we were recognized annually with a record number of best-in-class honors ranging from Most News Coverage, Most Engaging, Most Creative and Best Return on Investment; and in 2010, we were awarded Bulldog Reporter’s Top PR Campaign of the Year.


DFPR’s unique business model allowed them to keep our brand top-of-mind every single day and I truly believe that was the key differentiator that resulted in our PR successes. It is rare to find an agency that can manage both day-to-day needs while exhibiting such creative energy to garner coveted industry awards.


I would recommend DFPR with much enthusiasm and zero hesitation.
They are simply that good.”  


Amy Freshwater
Former VP Public Relations & Crisis Management,
Carlson Restaurants Worldwide





Public Relations Agency of Record: 2010 - 2012


“DFPR brings a strong and invaluable sense of news judgment to any PR discussion. They are masters at articulating risk and reward, providing deep strategic insight and delivering a hands-on, get-it-done approach to every initiative. They have a deep commitment to the client and understand how to work within the corporate culture. Plus, they're fun to work with
— and that's worth a lot.”


Nancy Mays
Executive Director, Communications,
Applebee’s Services, Inc.















“ “I’ve been working with DFPR for more than 5 years and I’ve truly enjoyed every minute. The Briad Group has a total of 9 brands and it’s critical that our service partners have a complete understanding of each and every one. We need a PR partner that can change hats very quickly. DFPR has a great way of staying true to our PR strategies while delivering out of the box thinking on our non-traditional projects. They have assisted with the traditional PR needs, unique promotions and gone above and beyond with relationship and community development. They’re a fun bunch to work with.””


Kim Gouch
Vice President of Marketing,
The Briad Group







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